About the Parent Council

The main aim of the Dornoch Primary School Parent Council is to help the school operate as a successful school. Also:

    • There is an important role in improving links between all parents and the school.
    • Making sure that parents get all the information they need and that the school staff gets feedback on parents’ views.
    • Discussing any issues that are of interest to parents, including school policies on such things as bullying, school uniform, drugs and sex education. Individual issues should not be dealt with by the Parent Council.
    • Working jointly with the school to set up extra-curricular activities and after-school clubs.
    • Under Curriculum for Excellence, parental involvement in their children’s learning is recognised as very important: the Parent Council has a role to play in working out how this can happen.
    • Representing parents’ views to the education authority and others on those issues that are of concern to parents, staff and pupils.
    • Taking on those social and fundraising activities previously run by the PTA.

The Parent Council can be contacted through their Facebook page (Dornoch Primary School Parent Council) or by contacting Catherine MacCulloch – Tel: 07810 181588 Email: catherine@arvikaconsult.co
Useful links:

  • Scottish Parent Teacher Council – SPTC is the national organization for parents’ groups in Scottish schools.  They offer help and advice to all parents.
  • National Parent Forum of Scotland – The NPFS was set up to give Parent Councils and Parents an opportunity to discuss and raise educational issues of mutual interest or concerns at a national level.
  • ParentZone – a useful site for all parents and carers.