About Dornoch Primary School

Head Teacher’s Message

Welcome to the Dornoch Primary website.  Our school is one of three in our 3-18 campus.  We are a close family of schools with a shared common vision and values but each retaining our individual identity.  We have worked with our children and young people, families and partners to develop our shared aims, values and curriculum.  Our whole school community wants our children and young people to have a happy school career.  I hope you find all the information you require but if you would like further information please don’t hesitate to contact the school.  We are a warm and caring school with a family ethos, and we are always happy to welcome new families who are about to join our community.  We are also a hard working school with a strong focus on achievement, and our young people are encouraged to work hard and achieve their aspirations.  Our curriculum rationale is focused and aspirational.  We work hard to provide a bespoke education for all young people in order to prepare them for learning, life and work.

Miss Stones